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Inappropriate valuations create risks.  These risks can be to the stability and reputation of financial markets, to parties relying on valuations for investment or to those providing valuations. We help public and private sector organisations with responsibility for valuations or the oversight of valuers to mitigate these risks.

Valuology’s founding directors, Marianne Tissier and Chris Thorne have nearly forty years combined experience in valuation regulation and standard setting for national and international organisations.  Chris Thorne also has significant experience as a valuer in private practice.

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As part of its "Professional Insight" series, we were asked by the IVSC about the work we do in assisting organisations improve their valuation practice and governance and some of the challenges that we helped them overcome. 

The  IVSC used this to produce an article "Putting Valuation Principles into Practice" which is repreoduced here with its kind permission.

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