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Consultations and Comments

Valuology's mission is to improve valuation governance and practice.

We make it our business to keep an eye out for proposals from governments, regulators and professional bodies that could have an impact on valuers or valuation.  Our main focus is on those issued by international bodies or bodies that operate internationally, but we are always keen to hear of any proposals made by national governments or other organisations.  

We analyse proposals and produce summaries of key issues of which valuers need to be aware.  Where consultation is invited on the proposals we endeavour to respond, and in particular to highlight any aspect that might be incompatible with established best practice or that may not achieve the desired objective based on our knowledge of valuation standards and practice across many jurisdictions.

We are also able to use our experience to help valuation firms or other organisations in drafting responses to consultations to proposals that could impact on their future work.


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