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We have many years' experience of working with professional organisations seeking to improve or maintain the quality of valuation services offered by their members.  These organisations have ranged from those that are well established to those at a very early stage of development.  This has provided us with insight into how such organisations are structured and the benefits they bring both to their members and the wider public in the markets they serve.

This experience enables us to provide professional organisations with support to supplement their own resources.   This support can be for a single project or for a specific role on a continuing basis.  Some examples include:

  • Developing a new constitution or bylaws that take into account current IVSC guidance for valuation professional organisations.

  • Advising on appropriate valuer education programmes for initial credential and continuing professional education.

  • Monitoring emerging regulations and standards that could impact on an organisation's members' professional activities, producing suitable alerts and collating responses to consultation documents.

  • Drafting or reviewing proposed new valuation standards or advising on changes required to existing standards to ensure compliance or consistency with the International Valuation Standards.

  • Providing a regular news feed on matters of interest to valuers, such as notable legal decisions, emerging regulations and standards or published technical papers.


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