Valuation Uncertainty Resources

Valuation Uncertainty has been brought to the fore because of the impact on markets of the Covid 19 pandemic.  We have collected together advice on uncertainty to help valuers understand why and when the IVS require this to be disclosed in reports.  To maintain clients' confidence it is important that valuers understand what is meant by valuation uncertainty, what causes it and when it is appropriate to include a warning in their reports.

Valulogy Blog - October 2018

Valuology Blog - March 2020

IVSC "Letter from the Standards Boards" -March 2020

RICS  Practice Alert - April 2020

RICS Leaders Forum  - 2020

RICS Practice Alert Update  - September 2020

Valuology Blog September 2020

RICS Practice Alert Update - July 2021

Valuology Comments on July 2021 Update

Most of the above resources address the issue of Valuation Uncertainty arising as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Our Valuers' Briefing  "Valuation Uncertainty  - Reporting the unknowable" provides a broader examination of the subject with discussion of the problem in other contexts.  The aim is to help valuers develop a better understanding of when they should and when they shouldn't caveat their valuations. 


It is available as an eBook or paperback.