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National Profiles - additional information

We hope these brief national profiles shed light on the status of the valuation profession globally and provide clarity as to the extent of adoption or use of the IVS.  We also believe that it helps to identify the diversity that currently exists and some of the obstacles that lie in the way of wider use and recognition of global standards.

The following high level observations can be made from a review of the profiles.

  • 66% of countries surveyed regulate the provision of real property valuation with a further 16% also regulating business valuation.  In some countries where there is no government regulation there are strong self regulating VPOs.

  • Although the IVS clearly influence the development of standards by professional bodies or government regulators, very few countries have a legal or regulatory requirement to use the IVS.

  •  Of the 233 VPOs listed across over 100 countries, less than 50% are IVSC members.

  •  While 63 countries have valuation standards, either issued by government bodies or VPOs, only 29 either adopt or make reference to IVS. A further 44 countries have no national standards.

See a detailed report of our findings and observations.

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