"A value is valuable when the value of value is valuable to oneself."

 Dayananda Saraswati  1824-1883


Values and valuation are much discussed but often misunderstood.  In the financial world this can  lead to misunderstanding, market inefficiency and mispricing.

Valuology advises valuation providers, valuation users and professional organisations on how their processes and procedures can be improved to ensure that valuations are properly prepared and understood by those who rely on them. Our objective is to maximise market confidence in the valuations provided and minimise risks for providers and users. 


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IVSC Consults on Future Agenda

The IVSC has issued an invitation to comment on its future agenda.  The paper lists a wide range of potential projects with the Board's current view of their priority.  It also outlines provisional proposals for six "major" projects it is contemplating.  These are Automated Valuation Models, ESG, Long Term Value, Social Value, Uncertainty & Risk and Data Management.  In the majority of cases it is suggested that these should be the subject of mandatory standards.


Comments are due by 15 January 2021


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Resources for Valuers

We publish useful information for valuers on various technical issues.  Available as booklets or as eBooks, they provide an affordable resource for the busy practitioner.

Keeping Lookout

We review proposed new laws, regulations and standards that are relevant to valuers.  We then produce summaries of the key things valuers need to know and what we think of the proposals.  We also provide a copy of any response we make to consultations.


See our summaries and consultation responses.