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12  professional bodies belong to the French Federation of Evaluation Experts (FFEE) which is a member of IVSC.  These are A3E, AFREXIM, APEI, APVIF, CCEF, CEIF - FNAIM, CNCC, CNECJ, CNEJFD, CSOEC, IFEI, plus RICS France.  The member organisations of the FFEE cover all fields of valuation, including Real Estate valuation in the case of AFREXIM, CEIF FNAIM, RICS France and IFEI; Business Valuation in the case of APEI, CCEF, CNCC, CNECJ, CNEJFD, CSOEC and A3E Lyon; and Financial Instruments in the case of APVIF.

The following 8 professional organisations are individual members of TEGOVA: AFREXIM; CEIF FNAIM; CNEI; CEF; CSN; IFEI; SNPI; UNIS.

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